Google Maps added to editor

Google Maps added to editor

Google Maps has been integrated into the Editor.

Google Map


This is what the Icon looks like. You can find it on the left bar when adding Elements to a Slide.

Pins and Location

You can add as many pins as you’d like by entering specific latitude and longitude data or by entering your desired address. If the address was not specific enough or you’re not satisfied with the rendered location you can click "Select on Map" to set your location very specific.

After adding a pin you can optionally set a custom Marker Image for your pin and define an optional Link or File that should be opened when clicking the marker.

Google Map Settings

Custom Style

If you want to give your map some style you can simply paste some map settings from a service like under "advanced options" into the "Style" field.

Google Map Colorized

We hope you like the addition of Google Maps.

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